Share Your Message with The World Volume II


A compilation of Inspiring, Informational and Educational Stories

Authors who recognized the value of sharing their message with the world helped create Share Your Message with the World together. This book that contains incredible stories recounted from people worldwide. After reading these stories you will be able to step into success and finish your life’s journey. You will also have a better understanding of what you need to do to finally overcome hurdles that may arise during your journey.
I wrote my chapter In Share Your Message with The World Vol.II as a way to introduce the ancient art and practice of walking meditation to you. It is a dynamic form of mindfulness meditation and is a simple and practical skill for modern times. Peace, wisdom, joy and better health is at the core of our being and is our birth right. Peace and happiness are not luxury items! These conditions are necessary for wellness, not just for ourselves and our own happiness, health and joy, but for all those around us.
Although, my story isn’t new, most everyone would like to be happier, healthier, less stressed and more joyful. And most everyone, at some point in their lives, will experience a shock or set back from which they will need to recover. It is simple, practical way to not just cope with life’s ups and downs, but to help change our lives, but our hearts and now science is proving our brains from the inside out. Walking meditation is a simple and enjoyable practice that can gently and automatically bring us back to our inner peace, better health and more joy. Remember even our cell phones need to be turned off to achieve maximum performance! We are no different. Few people know of walking meditation or the secrets it contains. It is my hope that, after reading my story, you will consider this simple, enjoyable, yet profound form of meditation and discover it’s secrets for yourself.

Excerpt from Walking Mediation; When Life Throws You A Curve Ball:
Something had awakened in me for which I was totally unprepared. Suddenly I became sensitive to other people’s emotions and illness. If I sat next to a person with kidney or heart problems my kidneys or heart would ache, and I would get fatigued. And forget about being around large groups of people! It was a nightmare and it was interfering with my life! I wanted my old life back!
Was this really happening to me? I’m not from California or Sedona, AZ. I have a normal husband, normal friends and a normal life. I came from a large, practical, hardworking family. No time for this kind of way-out silliness. I’m logical! I have a degree in mathematics damn it! Things like this don’t happen to people like me. Yet I was experiencing a phenomena which I couldn’t explain nor control.
What others are saying about Walking Meditation; When Life Throws You A Curve Ball
Very well written! Poignant, compelling and descriptive, but with a down-to-earth sense of humor that makes the narration come to life. Not just a how-to for finding spiritual meaning, but a why-to for using walking meditation as a guide and foundation to that spirituality. The life story, although brief, is something everyone can connect with, leading to an understanding that anyone can use this method to find peace, joy, and harmony in their life. ~ Sally U., Massachusetts
Carolyn writes from the heart and shares how walking meditation not only transformed her life for the better, but led her to her authentic self. She explains how at the lowest point in her life, she found the healing avenue offered through walking meditation. She expresses her sincere desire to share with others her path in hopes that they may also be healed of their personal life challenges with walking meditation. ~Cheryl R., Houston


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