We go through life on auto pilot. Generally, we are not aware or (mindful) of the thoughts we think nor the corresponding emotions and behaviors they produce. This not only effects our mental, emotional and physical health, but it effects our relationships as well. Our every day thoughts are the only thing we know. They are always familiar and seem normal. That is why we generally don’t question our thoughts or whether our mental “software programming” has been infected by a “negative-bias virus” which causes us to be temporarily blind to the real truth of ourselves, the world and our relationships. Life will always have it’s ups and downs. Most won’t escape a dark period in their life, which will require more diligence to stay centered. However, much unhappiness in the world is caused by our own negatively biased thinking on arbitrary matters; issues which don’t’ have any life or death consequences. Many times it’s the little things that we allow to antagonize and disturb our peace. Usually they take the form of, what we perceive is, an unkind word, act or infringement on our honor or ego.

The thoughts we continually think (positive or negative), which endure daily, form strong neuro pathways. In other words, what “fires” together “wires” together in the brain. And our negative or positive programming begins to take hold. Notice,if you have a tendency to be negative and see the worst in people and events? Or do you see the positive? We all have “some” negative programming. Hence our mental programming has a software virus which is causing us not to live in the most complete way. The more we think negatively or positively the more we will build a strong neuro-pathways which further reinforce our negative or positive outlook and behaviors.

The good news is that research is proving what the mystics have known for centuries. The brain is plastic and can eventually be “reset” back to it’s original peace and happiness. Literally the neuro-pathways can be rewired with gentle, consistent practice of mindfulness (awareness) based meditation. In a sense, mindfulness based meditation can de-construct the negative neuro-pathways patterns and begin to reconstruct positive neuro-pathways. These are the pathways associated with peace, health, creativity, joy, optimism, optimizing the logical and creative thought processes.

It is has been my joy practice and to teach WALKING MEDITATION. Most any type of meditation will have some positive benefits. But what is so wonderful about this ancient, mysterious and completely enjoyable form of mediation is that you don’t have to remove yourself from the physical world and can practice almost anywhere. It can help quiet the mind no matter where you are. Because so few people have direct experience with WALKING MEDITATION it is often overlooked. But don’t be fooled by is ease. WALKING MEDITATION is simple to practice. But don’t be fooled by it’s simplicity. Walking Meditation has many powerful mental, emotional and physical benefits and is a profoundly powerful form of meditation.

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