This video deals with an interview with a Princeton Engineer who has been testing the theory that the human mind and thoughts can and do influence the outcome of mechanical / electronic devices. This team of researchers used random device generators. Where, as the name implies, there would always be a random outcome. They used many random devices and they all recorded “non – random” activity when the human mind interacted with these devices by using conscious thought to change the outcome of the, normally random results. After watching, please understand that through our thoughts and our emotions, we are constantly sending and receiving information. Unfortunately, most people are not happy and are sending negative, angry, aggressive or unhappy thoughts. This information is being absorbed into our body and can eventually cause illness and disease. But we are also sending information into the consciousness of our planet, the people and our world. We look around and see so much chaos. There are wars, calamities, poverty, greed, neglect and the propagation of lower vibrational consciousness everywhere. Collectively we all contribute to this. Negative thoughts, emotions, hate, resentment, greed, unbridled desire for power is collective and cumulative. Our unconscious and unaware state of consciousness keeps us recycling negative thoughts and emotions over and over again. We spend so much wasted time and energy rehashing the same or similar thoughts. It is habitual. But the clear luminous light of awareness can eventually bring our chaotic thinking into balance, peace and harmony. But most of humanity is “unaware,” asleep, to their chronic negative thinking. The true nature of the mind is infinite, yet, because we are consciously “unaware,” we are stuck in a limited, finite and ultimately, negative reality. Awareness, literally remove the constraints of our dualistic, negative mind. Isn’t it time to be conscious of what thoughts we are thinking? Even just seeing and knowing what you are thinking you are already half the way there. Developing awareness will allow us to see ourselves (nonjudgmentally) and bring your true (infinite) nature back into expression. Take a moment every day, when something throws you off center and notice if you continually rehash the event, situation, the unfairness of something over and over in your mind. Keep noticing as each angry, disturbed thought bubbles up. See if you can eventually see it With practice, If you do this each a chaotic thought emerges, the attachment and emotions will eventually disappear. Begin in the state of peace IS automatically broadcasting love & kindness to yourself, humanity and mother earth. We need to generate a higher, brighter NOW. We need to generate a brighter existence for ourselves and the world. JOIN the CONSCIOUSNESS REVOLUTION. You can my merely becoming aware of what you are thinking and what you are projecting. BE THE LIGHT! HUMANITY NEEDS YOU NOW! Enjoy the 
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