TIME TO GET OFF THE ROLLER COASTER ! Re-print of a blog I wrote as a guest blogger for Blog Talk Radio – 8/9/2012  A Powerful Voice to Grow

Does your life ever feel like a roller coaster, going very fast and sometimes feeling out of control? Do you ever feel like you just need to hang on because your emotions are up and down or you have family, health, financial or work problems? Now, more than ever, with the world financial crisis and the speed of technology, people are struggling to find practical solutions to their problems and at the same time maintain their inner peace, joy, happiness and health. Scientifically and esoterically all of existence seeks balance and equilibrium.  And we do to.  All we need to do is look around and we can see that most people are unhappy, angry and stressed out because they have lost their sense of balance. They have lost their equilibrium. They have lost the art of relaxing, letting go and real inner peace.

We have been taught culturally through most of our life experience that “working hard” will solve all our problems. And we have learned that to well. Intuitively we think that if we are better, smarter, faster, more competitive, stronger we can overcome all our problems.  All of life has both the yin and yang energies. The active (the “doing” part) and the receptive (relaxed/letting go) part. They are like two sides of the same coin and both sides make up the coin. We need to “work” and use dynamic energy to get things done and to take care of responsibilities. But now, in order to be happy, to find our peace, joy and maintain optimum health we need to learn how to relax and let go.  We need to “do” what we can to satisfy life’s responsibilities and then we must learn to relax, LET GO and RELEASE the outcome. We cannot control every outcome of every situation and worry will not change that! But how many times growing up, or in school, did anyone emphasize the benefits or merits of resting, relaxation and being peaceful?

Whether you are an individual, an executive or business owner, true peace, a balanced life and relaxation are NOT luxury items. Research has found that “stress” is a silent killer. 75%-90% of all doctor’s visits are stress related and costs businesses approximately $300 billion dollars annually. Chronically stressed out people are not happy and ultimately it cost them their health.  Dysfunctions or illness in our body and mind is the way our “being” is trying to signal us that something is wrong.  We are in desperate need of relief.  But we ignore our need to nurture ourselves at every turn; and at what cost?  Isn’t life supposed to be more than stress, worry and work? Don’t we want a better quality of life? Don’t we want to be healthy for our kids and grand-kids? We are living longer, if we don’t have our health, what quality of life can we expect?  Don’t you think your peace and happiness has been hijacked long enough?

Real peace, joy, optimum health, and over all change can only occur with your participation. Long lasting sustained change can only happen through conscious awareness and gentle, diligent practice. Yes, we can reclaim our balance again.  It lives within us and is who we are.  It is at the very core of our being.  All we have to do is incorporate a form of “mindfulness” (awareness) based meditation to rediscover our peace. Although I have practiced and taught many forms of meditation I have found the dynamic form of Walking Meditation to be the most natural. It is the simplest and yet has the most profound effects on the body, mind and spirit. Almost anyone can do it!  We all know we cannot stop life from happening.  But Walking Meditation can gradually help change our understanding and our experience. Walking Meditation trains our mind to stay in the present moment. When we are in the present moment we are no longer worrying about the past nor projecting fear into our future. So why not incorporate the fundamentals of Walking Meditation into your life to bring lasting peace, joy and better health.  Reclaim your birthright now!  Now is the time to take your first step toward wholeness, the first step toward reducing stress, optimizing health and maximizing your joy!

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