Understand Infinity and Understand Your True Nature

PART 1 in Series

The idea that God is infinite forms the very foundation of many of the world’s most established religions. An Infinite God is found in religions like Judaism, Hinduism, and especially Christianity, which formed my roots. We were taught that God is everywhere, infinitely present. We were taught that God has no beginning and no end. This is Infinity – right? If you look closely and really understand this concept of infinity, you will even find it in the Buddhist, Taoist and Zen traditions. Although they don’t give this Infinite Presence or Oneness the typical name of God, they have expressed this idea in many of their most important sutras. Typically they are referring to the Enlightened Mind, the Ture Mind – which is “all encompassing and without any conceptions whatsoever”; “it has not been created by anything, nor does there exist a cause for it’s death.” They also freely make use of paradoxes to explain the infinite. Firstly mystics didn’t have vocabulary or the word infinity. Theirs was an experience. And what they experienced was not in the realm of logic. So they had to hint at what they experienced. This is because any attempt to explain the infinite as something “specific,” will bring an error into the understanding of infinity. Therefore, infinity cannot be understood through the logical mind. It is the infinite essence (which forms the basis in ALL THINGS) as “nameless, formless, non-discriminating, non-differentiating, all encompassing – all-ness or “the no-specific-thingness” or nothingness. Trying to say that the Infinite has a specific form, cannot be true. This is because there are endless (infinite) possibilities.” It is unending and boundless potentially. Once we give it a label, a condition, or a form we have limited it’s boundaries, and the possibilities and it becomes finite. If you can contemplate the meaning of infinity, it is my belief that it will help you understand your real nature – your Divine and your Infinite Mind.

It might be surprising to know how many people still think of God as having a white beard, wearing white robes and sitting on a thrown, in front of the pearly gates of heaven? Or that God is a higher being that looks like us, but with special powers and is just spiritually more pure? If God is INFINTE (which I believe and think you do too), how can we really give a form, a gender, a specific identity to the infinite? For that matter, how can we even give it a name? This is why the Taoist call this essence the Tao – the unknowable – unspeakable. We can never really know the infinite through our logical mind. The understanding with which our logical mind can grasp is like a tiny spec of sand in the realm of the entire universe. And all our ideas and thoughts come from this very “tiny” perspective. So we will never be able to fully know or understand this infinite reality through our logical, thinking-mind. That is because all thoughts give rise to this limited, finite world we find ourselves trying to survive in. But we are so much more. We are the very esssende of the infinite, divine, ever present, steadfast, brilliantly clear, infinitely aware, presence or consciousness. And it is within us all.

As long as we live in the logical mind which can’t help but judge, categorize, differentiate, discriminate it will limit the expression of the Infinite Consciousness within us. So no matter how grand a thought we have about infinity or of a God, our thinking – logical mind can never encompass it’s full meaning. So it is something that must be experienced. We have to transcend our thinking-mind. Otherwise, our pin head sized understanding will continue to be the root of all our problems. And we will continue to create a rigid history of dogma and ideologies which cause relentless pain and suffering, war, conflict and persecution.

In mathematics, infinity contains all sets; yet no specific set. When our logical mind names something specific, we limit manifestation of the boundless nature of the Infinite in our life. This creates the current world in which we live. A world that is limited by our continuous bias and comparisons of judgment. The illusion is that we are NOT what our logical, thinking- mind believes us to be. Our true nature and reality is that we are infinite. All we have to do is tap into it. The underlying infinite essence of who we are is already there. It is ever present, formless, silent, invisible and infinitely aware.

Even though most people say they believe that God is infinite, they don’t “really” believe it. Otherwise they would know that this Infinite Source is within us. There is no place we have to go to look for it. But we continue to go looking for it everywhere else but within us. We can experience it in our own silent awareness. There isn’t anywhere else we need to go to find it. We are ONE with this silent, ever present, inescapable, all knowing, infinitely aware consciousness. It is invisible, brilliantly clear and infinitely aware. There is no escaping it, and no way to become separated from it. But again, we continue to look for it outside ourselves. Understanding and not understanding this is very important! Because all our burdens in life are the result of not understanding this truth. Look around! Most people are living a limited existence of pain and suffering. Because they have not found the Divine Infinite Presence within their very own consciousness. The Infinite Consciousness is our very nature.

We express mostly from our dualistic thinking-mind – which judges, categorizes, differentiates and separates everything. It does this by seeing everyone and everything as separate from ourselves and we look at life as in terms of “me vs him/her” This causes us to feel we are not one with each other and that we are not one with our Infinite Divine Consciousness. We live an existence which has given the appearance of separation from everyone and everything, including our own nature. This is the error of the thinking-mind. It isn’t our Ture-Mind. This small-minded, thinking-mind has led to a finite, limited existence and brought karma into our lives. Consequently, we have unwittingly gotten stuck living a limited, finite, existence, where we experience much pain and suffering. The seed of awareness already exists within us. It is part of our very nature. We just need to feed it to automatically grow.

What happens when you plant and seed in the dirt and give that seed food and water? It will automatically start sprouting roots, and send tentacles up through the dirt, making its way out of the dirt and into the sunlight. This is because there is an innate awareness present. When we give our bodies food, how do our cells, organs and systems, know which of the hundreds of thousands of activities it needs to do? Through it’s intrinsic, innate awareness. It is because there is an innate, inherent, intrinsic awareness built into our very being. Intrinsically and automatically the cells in our body know what to do. How does our heart know to beat? Our entire physical system has an innate and automatic sense of awareness. How do atoms come together and recognize the charges (+ or -)? How do they know to form a molecular bond? When we have an infection our immune system, automatically knows what to do. How? It is an innate sense of awareness? Awareness is built into existence and part of this Divine, infinitely, aware consciousness. When we feel a breeze on our body, we have an awareness. All awareness by it’s nature is unbiased. Without thought, and without judging. It happens automatically. It is self-perfecting. The current state of our consciousness is not aware enough to transcend our paradigm of our thinking-mind. This is because we judge. We have to develop a more subtle awareness to transcend all duality, all karma to sprout from the dirt and into the sunlight. We have to become like the seed. Awareness meditation is like the nourishment for the seed. It will automatically, systematically, deepen our own intrinsic awareness. By the very nature of pure awareness – it is unbiased and neutral. It is self-perfecting, self-purifying. This is all that is needed.

The Divine is already within us. We just don’t have a subtle enough awareness to experience it. As part of the Infinite we already have this awareness, intrinsically built-in system. All we have to do is feed and water it to grow. We just need to go within. This is why walking meditation is so important. Walking Meditation is an awareness based meditation. It will help develop, deepen continuous, automatic systematic, awareness. It will refine, deepen and strengthen our own intrinsic awareness. Remember that in the moments of pure awareness there is pure neutrality. So at the same time it will dissolve our karma and lead us out of our sabotaging, judging mind. Innate awareness is all that is needed to go back home. We can live a more peaceful, happier, healthier, more abundant life. We can experience our true nature. We can experience our Divine Mind. We can experience the Infinite! WE ARE THE INFINITE MIND!

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