JESUS CHANGED WATER INTO WINE. Did you ever wonder why Jesus used water instead of something else? Why do many other ancient religions still use water to bless people? That is because they understand the secret of water. Scientific studies are proving that water stores information. It’s like an organic computer. We all know that quartz crystals are used in watches and in other forms of technology. That is because it stores electronic and electromagnetic information. Water is very similar. I have studied with many Asian Masters and they confirm the same thing. In Catholicism blessings are transmitted via “holy” water which has been blessed in some way. Baptisms are performed using “water”. Other ancient religious traditions also use water to confer blessings and healings. Many times they will bless the water and then ask the people to drink it. WHY? The secret is that water holds the information of the vibration of the blessing or what ever else it comes into contact with. So please remember this when you are drinking your water. There is a reason to bless it first. FOR A DAILY PRACTICE: Before you drink your water, BLESS it first, and then as you are drinking it “THINK” “this sacred water is healing my body NOW”. It can help keep your body healthy, and support it’s healing process. Please enjoy this posting on the same subject If you are interested in learning more please scroll down, I have posted “past” Youtube videos about this subject. MAY YOU ALL ENJOY PEACE, RADIANT HEALTH, PROSPERITY AND ABUNDANCE IN EVERY AREA OF YOUR LIFE! ENJOY… LOVE 
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