What is Walking Meditation

Walking Meditation is a dynamic form of mindfulness (awareness or insight) based meditation. It has been passed down by wise monks and sages and practiced as a profoundly important practice for developing intrinsic, automatic awareness throughout the day. Walking meditation is important because it leads to insight, wisdom, inner peace and joy. The art and practice of awareness (mindfulness) meditation forms the foundation, not only for understanding ourselves and others, but also for leading a happier, healthier, more peaceful and relaxed life.

All pain and suffering comes from not understanding our mind and our own true nature – our Divine Nature. We can only begin to understand our true nature, our Divine Mind, by going within. No one else can do it for us. Ture, happiness and peace lies at the core of our being. Self awareness is the key to going within and penetrating deep into our Divine Mind and developing true wisdom, happiness and self liberation! Through continuous, dilligent, wholesome practice awareness systematically, and automatically clears all ignornace, dissolves all karma and uncovers your authentic, Divine Mind. This innate awareness automaically self-corrects all errors. It can re-program neuro pathways and even help heal ones body. Thus, this unconstrued, uncontaminated, authentic, pure, luminous light of awareness forms the basis for the art and practice of joyful living, and must be cultivated if we are to find lasting happiness and peace.

Walking Meditation is simple to do and easy to practice. Because we walk someplace every day, it is not difficult to incorporate into our daily lives. The nature of our physical body is to be in motion – dynamic. Therefore, Walking Meditation is innately natural and builds on what our physical body’s do naturally – walk. It does not require any uncomfortable sitting positions, no special equipment and most of all, almost anyone can practice. It can be practiced outside, in a park, around your neighborhood, or even in a space as small as your living room, hallway or office.

Although Walking Meditation is non-religious and non-dogmatic it can enhance your own spiritual or religious practice; no matter what your preference. You don’t have to remove yourself from the world. It can be practiced by almost anyone, anytime and anyplace. Your eyes remain open. You are fully awake, fully aware, and in the present moment. When we are in awareness, we reside in the present moment. Our mind is not worrying about the future or residing in the past and going over past wounds, or events. It is only when we are in awareness that we have the ability to tap into our deep state of insight, wisdom, stillness, peace, joy and relaxation. Awareness leads to a deeply unbiased state of mind where conditions become favorable to promote innate wisdom and peace. In this state our body, mind and emotions begin to heal. Although Walking Meditation is simple to do and easy to practice, do not be fooled by its simplicity. It can promote many deep, profound, physical, emotional and esoteric benefits and lead to a happier, healthier more peaceful life.

At the very core of our being, lies a deep, natural, abiding state of stillness, peace, wisdom, joy and better health. This stillness and wisdom is like the vastness of the deepest ocean. And like the ocean, miles beneath its surface, it remains, still, calm, wise and unaffected by raging winds and storms taking place on the surface. We just need a vehicle to lead us into our deep abiding, intrinsic ocean of wisdom and peace. No one is born without this innate ocean and it awaits all of us. We only need to develop awareness to tap into it. Walking Meditation is the practice which can leads us into our deep, abiding, ocean of wisdom and stillness at the very core of our being. Thus, helping us remain calm and balanced, even in the midst’s of life’s ranging winds and storms.

Isn’t it time to reduce stress, optimize health and maximize joy? Learn to live a more fulfilling life! The time is now! The past is gone and the future is not determined. Isn’t it time you learned this gentle, enjoyable, yet powerful form of meditation and begin the dynamic art of joyful living?


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